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About Asbestos Removal


Our asbestos division has developed and grown mostly through our existing customer base and repeat works in Melbourne CBD buildings. We hold a Class A licence and specialise in dust clean ups combined with strip out works.  Having both divisions means we can guarantee a safe strategy and manage projects on time and on budget.

Our team consists of experienced demolition and strip out teams and experienced asbestos staff we have held our licence for 5 years and have completed multiple projects under class A containment in hospitals, high rise office and schools.

Clean and Gone can provide all EPA documentation for waste transport and tipping and are signed up to digital tracking of waste to ensure full compliance.

Along with Work safe control plans every project requires its own planning and methodology. We work alongside the hygienist, our client, and the asset owner to ensure a safe outcome with the least disturbance to tenants and the general public.


Clean and Gone have 50 trained asbestos removal staff and can handle any type of project.

We have completed multiple high-rise hard access dust clean ups requiring full containment and unique planning.

We receive ongoing works in the same buildings due to our transparency and honest approach to our clients.

We are licensed to transport and tip all asbestos waste and will provide all tipping and waste transport certificates.

We will work with any hygienist to provide an efficient safe outcome for all parties involved and the general public.

Our Asbestos Removal Services

High Rise Dust Clean-Ups

With our Class A license we can clean asbestos dust that has been wind driven to other areas in the building.

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Commercial Asbestos

We provide the planning, containment, and teams to remove asbestos from your commercial site.

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Hazardous Waste Removal

We are licenced to transport all types of asbestos waste and can arrange the removal and transport of all types of hazardous waste.

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Lead Paint Removal

Our lead paint removal services include blasting, transport, and tipping.

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We can provide asbestos blackjack grinding with experienced licenced staff and full containment.

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