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Environmental Management

Looking After Our Environment

Our ISO 14001 certification encompasses comprehensive environmental management, including various aspects such as:

  • Slurry management
  • Wildlife preservation
  • Lead paint management
  • Work in proximity to bodies of water
  • Vapor management during decommissioning
  • Chemical management

Regardless of the environmental challenges at hand, we offer tailored solutions. Our commitment lies in safeguarding the planet, and we collaborate with numerous like-minded clients who share our values.

Should you require a control plan for any environmental scenario, count on us for assistance.


Clean and Gone has a material sorting yard and can provide waste recycling and diversion from landfill for all projects.

We can provide proof of recycling and a waste report at the end of the project and we regularly meet contractual requirements for waste recycling targets. 

If your client is looking for a sustainable option Clean and Gone can provide the service and the proof.  

We care about landfill diversion and can help achieve any target with the correct planning and budget.

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