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Licences & Accreditation

For over 8 years, Clean and Gone have held our ISO for safety, environment, and quality but what does that mean?

To us, it means we are committed to constant improvement through test and measure, training, and systems - all the time.

ISO 9001 is a quality management system that means we have taken several steps to improve our operations and optimise the way we move into the future. ISO certification is an internationally recognised quality management system and is found in only highly efficient organisations that make a commitment to continual improvement.

Organizations receive ISO 45001 when they develop efficient safety systems, while keeping the standard of the final service of a high standard. This means that atop our list of priorities as we a business is a commitment to preventing workplace injury and illness; and now we have got the certification to prove it.

ISO 14001 is an international standard that organizations can only receive if they make improvements to their environmental standards, while keeping the standard of the final service of a high standard. Quite simply, it means that atop our list of considerations as we do business is a commitment to minimise our environmental impact; we are immensely proud of this work.

Repeat work is the by-product of constant effort and improvement.


  • Clean and Gone is licensed in demolition
  • We hold a class A and B asbestos licence 
  • We are licensed to transport hazardous waste with the EPA and can provide all documentation 
  • We hold a second-hand licence for our furniture division. 
  • We have held our ISO Best Practice certification for over 5 years and have past all our audits.

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